Magrath Security hold an extensive range of locks available to purchase depending on the type & material of door and the level of security required.

picture3.jpg Rim Cylinder – rim cylinders are surface mounted locks that work with a night latch and are fitted in a drilled hole through your door and are used on timber doors.
picture4.jpg  Euro Cylinder – euro cylinders are for use with uPVC doors. Euro cylinders come in a single cylinder, which offers access from one side only. Double cylinder, which offers key access from both sides of the door and double cylinder with thumb turn, which offers key access from one side and a thumb turn from the other.
item-12461-1_xlrg.jpg   Anti-snap Locks – lock snapping is when force is applied to the cylinder, which then snaps the lock in two. Euro cylinders are the lock most at risk from this and are usually found on uPVC & double glazed doors. Magrath Security offer a range of anti-snap locks.
0059348_l.jpg  Mortice Locks – A mortice deadlock is set within the body of a timber door in a recess or mortice and is usually used on a front door in conjunction with a rim cylinder and has a key operated bolt only, that can be locked from inside and outside.
0059349_l.jpg A mortice sashlock is also set within the body of a timber door in a recess or mortice, but combines a mortice lock and a handle operated latch. This means you can open and shut the door without having to use a key and lock it securely when you go out. These locks come in various different security levels.
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Multi-point Locks – A multi-point locking system is a lock that has a minimum of three locking points that all lock simultaneously by the turn of a key and are most common on uPVC doors.

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